Transaction Management

A transaction is typically a key initiative within a broader strategy and can comprise any of the following activities:



Typically implemented to achieve more scale in an existing industry or to expand the current product/service portfolio through integrating new resources and capabilities



Businesses might be exited when they don’t align with the future strategy, or the industry outlook is somewhat bleak, or significant investment is required to reposition for the future or owners simply want to retire or cash out.


Raising debt and pre lending reviews

Businesses can need new or additional funding to support growth, to fund an acquisition, to change lenders or to restructure their capital. Prospective lenders may require an information memorandum to provide them with a comprehensive understanding of the business. In some instances a lender may require a pre lending review to assist them with credit analysis and the lending decision.


Joint venture

Complimentary resources and capabilities can be combined through establishing a joint venture. This offers upside to both parties rather than each party investing significant resources to develop their own new service or product.

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